The Most Important Techniques of Capoeira

A powerful combination of fundamental techniques.

Capoeira course
Capoeira course

What you’ll learn

  • Feel confident and well rounded in a Capoeira class.
  • Feel confident with their foundation of knowledge and techniques


Super current content! This is a Capoeira course that will give you the confidence you need to enter Capoeira classes knowing that your basics are solid.

Why is this course different than all the other ones out there? The answer is simple: efficiency! Efficiency is a key element for Capoeira, and this is what we had in mind when we created this course for you.

The average video lasts about 5 minutes! The techniques are detailed yet the videos are quick and to the point.

They were made to be watched multiple times according with your need to revisit them. So there is no need to waste time watching a 10 minute video covering a 1 minute technique! If you suffer from gaps in the basics and do not feel confident with larger, stronger, faster opponents in the Roda this course will help solve your doubts and allow you to start getting the success you deserve!

This course covers techniques to be used in daily classes and regular Rodas for all ages and abilities, and is not intended to be a self defense instructional.

This course is for you!

Who this course is for

  • This course is for all practitioners who want to have a solid foundation in Capoeira.
  • For new students who want to get a head of the game and feel prepared to earn they first belt.
  • For those who want to feel confident and comfortable with their first color belt.