Capoeira Academy UK Kids classes!

Capoeira is an amazing martial arts dance form encouraging self expression, discipline as well as lots of cool funky moves that can be done with together with friends.

In light of the recent changes, we have organised online classes so that your children can continue to stay active and feel good whilst at home.

Working with dedicated and experienced teachers, these classes give all our young students experience in all the disciplines of Capoeira. This includes acrobatics, music and song through carefully prepared lessons which develops concentration, co-ordination and confidence.

MONDAY TO FRIDAY 11am Zoom online


By text or email

+44 7841342874


Download the Zoom app on your iPhone/iPad, Android device or Computer.


LIVE classes or Private sessions! 

Your Questions

Capoeira Parents FAQ’s

What age can my little one start this class? 

Most children’s classes are for children above the age of 4 years. In Greenwich we offer a separate class for 3-4 year olds, please see the timetable for more information.

Is ‘Pay as you go’ available? 

Drop-in classes are available for new starters, we would love to do ‘pay as you go’ but we found classes got too busy and it is cheaper to pay for the term! Additionally, children develop better with regular tuition thus term enrollment is encouraged.

Do I need a uniform?

At first your little ones can simply train in comfortable clothes such as a t-shirt and shorts – no shoes required. Children will need uniform if they are to participate in our grading festival.

How long are the classes and how long is each term?

Your little one can concentrate for only a short time so we have action packed 30 minutes to 1 hour classes with lots of short duration activities.
The term is usually 12 weeks but can be shorter or longer depending on school holidays.

Do I have to enrol my child at the beginning of a term or are you flexible?

Yes we are flexible and you can enrol your child at any time during the term. You can be assured of a warm welcome from us all whenever you join.

Do I have to pay for the whole term?

When you join, you pay for the remaining weeks left in that term. We would love to do ‘pay as you go’ but we found classes got too busy – so it’s better for your little one if you book in advance.

When are the classes run?

Classes are normally run during term time out of school hours.

Where are the classes held?

We have children’s classes in Camberwell, Camden, Chiswick, Greenwich, Peckham and Stanmore.

How do I book a party with you?

t’s so easy – send us a message with your requirements and we will get in touch!

Can you teach capoeira at my little one’s school?

Yes! We regularly work with schools, if you are interested please pass our details to the school and send us a message.